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I 'm pregnant! Yes you heard me correctly. Jasmine Taft is pregnant. I am 16 years old and I 'm pregnant. How many of you actually thought that was I pregnant? How many of you instantly thought of all life’s opportunities I 'd be missing out on? Now most importantly how many of you began to judge me? But would your judgements have changed the outcome of situation? No, they wouldn’t have , I still would’ve had the baby. I still would 've perceived. I would have made lemonade with life’s lemons. Alright keeping said statements in mind, listen as I lay out the scene for you.
Kim, a high school girl who every girl wants to be and the girl every guy has to have. She 's just as popular as that shot that heard ‘round the world. She is also smart,always wears the best clothes, and she 's a cheerleader. What more could she have or ask for in life? Kim, unlike most people with these qualities, Kim is not interested in being queen bee or having hoes, but she is focused on getting the best education she possibly can. Kim is not focused on boys at all;however, there is a special someone. This special someone’s name is Waddell.
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Can you imagine an 18 year old girl forced to become a woman. This girl forced into early womanhood without her own home, no steady job to raise a family, and no manual to raise a child trying to raise a beautiful little girl in such a crooked world. At this point in the story life’s lemons seem pretty sour. So we are going to skip a couple years, because it 's not my story to tell.To sum up the part of the story we are skipping, Kim experienced: abuse, homelessness, many jobs, and many doubters. Not once did Kim’s daughter ever see Kim break down and cry, give up, or hate the world. Of course Kim wondered what life would be like if she waited to have a child, but she knew she was only given what she could handle. Kim’s dream were just to be successful and give her daughter the life she missed. What my mother dreamed is what what my mother

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