I M Still Here Analysis

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Videos can take you to a place in history and show you the details that text wouldn’t be able to capture. They not only give you pieces of important and life changing information but, they take you back by showing that film or picture of that exact moment. The pictures and film of the holocaust makes the story have a stronger impact on whoever it is that views it.Videos are the only form of information that can describe what tragedies went on while giving you a visual so, it creates a greater learning experience. Videos provide more thorough information with the accessory of cinematography. The video “I’m Still Here” is about Jewish preteens and teenagers getting through the tragedies of the holocaust by writing in their diaries about their struggle for survival. Teenagers like Eva Ginz writes about the pain of letting her brother go, she explains that “It was a very sad time. They took a child and took him out of his family.” Pictures of a young Eva and her brother solemnly move across the screen. When the image of their innocence shows while she tells of her brothers death upon arrival, it makes the news that much harder to take in. Videos are able to let the story’s emotions truly shine through. They have a way of using the speaker’s voice, matching footage, and background music with a somber undertone to pull…show more content…
During Miriam Korber’s story in “I’m Still Here” they showed footage of the trucks that would take in new arrivals like her and her family. Miriam tells about being on the shipping truck in the freezing cold with no food on board. Miriam drives for days with her family and others with only each other to keep them warm, “I realized that that it would’ve been better if they had killed us all in our home, rather than sending us away to this wasteland to die of cold and hunger, since this is the goal of the people who sent us here, it would’ve been more
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