I. M. Tycoon Case Study

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Problem Statement
I.M. Tycoon is having trouble deciding how to restructure the three companies he now has ownership of and maintain a healthy financial status.
Analysis and Evaluation
I.M. Tycoon is a successful business man who has inherited two other businesses once owned by his deceased brother and sister, Harold and Jane. The two tragically died in an airplane crashed and named Tycoon as the beneficiaries of their businesses. Though some may consider this inheritance to be a great thing, he is unable to sell either business for a period of three years due to a conditional clause within the wills: “I.M. Tycoon must provide from the companies a cash payment to the families of Harold and Jane equal to the average monthly profit from their respective companies over the past three years.” This signifies that I.M. Tycoon must be able to successfully run not only his business, Delux Machine Tool Company, but also the businesses of his brother, Safe-Buy Insurance Company, and sister , MicroAge Software; exceeding the revenue as expected so that he may profit as owner and meet the obligations to paying the families as the will mandates. In addition to making sure the finances are healthy, I.M. Tycoon as a multi-business owner must
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I.M. Tycoon has been directly involved with the company and has many firms that rely on his products. He has a team that is responsible for the company’s production, operations, and development that keeps them abreast of new ideas. Recently Dr. Rolly Davis, Director of Research introduced a new development, RoboTool, which will be an automated piece of equipment. There is also a Joe Standpatti,, Director of Production, sales managers, and other employees that help I.M. Tycoon reach the standards and goals of Delux Machine Tool Company, opposes to RoboTool’s production considering it to be too costly and not demanded by the

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