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I, Molly Saindon, am declaring my independence from Central Unit School District #4 entire schooling system. As many know, we as students slave away for fourteen years of our life within the schooling district of Central Unit School District #4. This must stop today. The people who love us are sending us away to camps that no man should have to endure. We encounter the harsh commentary from the other adolescent people, the never ending amount of work given every day, and the long lecturing hours that seem to never end. We must put a stop to this indecency. The fellow participants of this cruel and unusual punishment will stand beside me in this Great War if a fight is to be needed. We shall stand tall and give our demands on proper grounds and not see any…show more content…
Under no circumstances shall you reestablish your infrastructure. This will not be tolerated due to the fact that we are declaring our independence from you as a whole.
A. If this term is looked over and gone against we shall seek the necessary actions to bring your walls to the ground. If we are brought to this conclusion it will not end well for you. Please take necessary precautions.
II. You shall not slave the children away in secret.
A. If we find any hint of unlawful slavery of the adolescent people you will be tried and prosecuted in the terms of treason. We do not take the likes of treason kindly, and you shall be executed within the week of said criminal acts.
III. You shall not try to influence the adolescent people against our views.
A. If this is broken you will be found and exiled to an unknown island when where you shall not be allowed to return to our kingdom.
If our terms above are not met we will develop serious issues between us, adolescent people, and you, the educational department of Central Unit School District #4. We have sound reason to be breaking ourselves away from you and from stopping you from your cruel and inhuman treatment of the adolescent people. Our reasons are as

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