I Never Had It Made Poem Analysis

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Extended Writing Project - Brigitte Sanchez Melba Patillo Beals, Jackie Robinson, and Feng Ru have all faced life changing experiences, but did it to make an impact on their country. In Warriors Don’t Cry” Melba says she faced “angry segregationist mobs,” (Beals). In “I Never Had It Made” Jackie says he faced some people and “teammates who refused to accept me because I was black,” (Jackie). Feng Ru faced “earthquakes, fires loans, and working in a small workshop,” (Rebecca). Though through it all they changed their countries. Melba Patillo Beals took the risk of being one of the first blacks to go to a white school and in doing so changed her country. Most people didn’t agree with the idea of having blacks in a white school. She would have…show more content…
Feng Ru was an immigrant who passed obstacles to change his and our country. It was dangerous, because, ”during one test flight Feng lost control of his airplane (not an unusual occurrence) which plunged into his workshop setting it ablaze.” This was a great risk he took and he could have died doing it. But this hadn’t been the only problem, there other obstacles too. Rebecca states,”San Francisco’s massive earthquakes and resulting fires forced him to relocate to Oakland instead, where, funded by local Chinese businessmen, Feng erected his 10 by 8 foot shack.” There were many obstacles, but Feng faced them all. His home country China now has the knowledge of aviation Although these obstacles slowed Feng Ru down, he didn’t stop in changing his country and America The three people, Melba Patillo Beals, Jackie Robinson, and Feng Ru have all faced obstacles in life such a segregation and even death. Although many would have given up, these three were determined to do good for their country. Facing these obstacles was hard for them, with people supporting, but more people disagreeing. Robinson became a professional baseball player, who faced segregation. Beals became a student at Central high school, who faced mobs. Feng Ru became an aviator who faced death. Still they were determined to do what they believed was right
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