I Never Promised You A Rose Garden Analysis

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Emily Tweten Mrs. Schaefbauer Novel analysis English 3 period 5 I Never Promised You a Rose Garden Joanne Greenberg takes some of her own personal struggles from her mental illness and turns it into an outstanding novel, I Never Promise You a Rose Garden. With such great detail and writing structure you can Almost feel you are within the story. She portrays her own experiences into her main character Deborah Blau. This novel uses detailed characters, themes, and settings to help you understand how one’s life is affected when it has been taken over by a mental illness. The fictional story “ I Never Promised You a Rose Garden” was written by Joanne Greenberg that was published in 1964, which then later on became her best selling novel. Joanne Greenberg was born in Brooklyn, New York, 1932. At the age of 16 Joanne began treatment for schizophrenia with a therapist, in which she grew a close relationship with. They decided to collaborate on a book together. Not long after her therapist had passed away and Joanne decided to carry on with the book and write a fictional story about her sickness, and the way her therapist impacted her. The book became her best selling novel upon many other books she had published. Joanne Now lives on a mountain top near Colorado with her husband in which she had two children with. She spends her time tutoring in Latin and Hebrew, and teaches cultural anthropology and fiction writing at the Colorado School of Mines; as well as writing on her own

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