I Rigoberta Menchu Analysis

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The book I, Rigoberta Menchu: an Indian Women in Guatemala, was a fascinating and visual aid to a reality people in the United States do not face. Readers are able to capture life lessons along with a background of herself and those around her. Being able to have a deeper understanding of this women and her people created a more intimate relationship with the reader. The book allowed one to understand how Rigoberto became to be the women she is currently, what she had to strive through in order to succeed, and finally how she was able to overcome those barriers. Along with this, Rigoberta presented the reader with her childhood and the challenges she faced in a time of difficulty. Her experiences enabled her to become a stronger woman who was…show more content…
Throughout her book, she showed the reader how she was able to overcome these challenges she was faced with. The main conflict she presented in her book was the movement she and her family led against the Spanish speaking ladino population of Guatemala. This movement was needed because the Indian tribes were being taken advantage of, one of the tribes being the one that Rigoberta and her family were a member of, the Quiches. The ladino population believed they could take the Indian land; they were wrong the Indians began to build weapons and traps which they would use against these invaders. The readers were able to see the power and determination Rigoberta and her people. They were determined to fight for their rights and their lands. Due to this movement, Rigoberta lost both her brother and her parents to tragic deaths. Rigoberta's brother, Petrocinio was seized and burned, only causing a greater stir in Rigoberta's family. Her father was murdered during an organized attack against the capital, and later her mother was murdered by the persecution the ladinos. Experiencing these tragic losses in her life helped her build her character. She only became stronger and obtained a greater
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