I, Robot Movie Analysis

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AI, robotics, and homo sapiens
Ever since watching the movie “I, Robot” I have been fascinated by the idea of artificial intelligence. It seems that each day we are getting closer and closer to that movie becoming a reality. This love/hate relationship with robots is a part of our human psyche. We are looking forward to the time when robots can improve our quality of daily life, though we are too afraid that we may design something that will harm us (Maderer, 2015). This multi-sided relationship we have with robots is observed in many film storylines. From Chappie, a bot that we learned to care for and perhaps connect with, to Ultron, the autonomous robot nemesis within the second Avengers film, portrayed to ensure that we are going to cheer for any human heroes as they battle against this evil robot. These are the robots we see, and that resemble our humanity – they are inclined to appear much more human, seem much more like us as individuals, and act as humans do. An excellent example of this is C-3PO, the beloved, bumbling protocol droid from the Star Wars movies. Some other creations are not human-like but are designed to be familiar as animals, for example – just like the robotic cat created as a pet companion, or maybe an endearing dinosaur robot designed to assess people 's feeling of empathy toward machines (seeker.com, 2013). To some extent, scientists are in control in how far they take their creation. However, questions such as Will AI existence destroy humanity?

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