I Saved My Life: The Importance Of Privacy

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“Privacy took my innocence” “Privacy, good lord if I could only have a moment of it.” This thought followed me throughout my life, as I am sure it has for others as well. The Oxford English Dictionary defines privacy as “private or retired places” and “places of retreat” (2359). From the home of a young girl sleeping on a couch because there was not enough room for me to have a bed of my own, I was always taught growing up privacy was more of a luxury than a privilege. The lack of alone time and separation was not as horrible as it seems. Instead, the lack of privacy drove my family closer with an abundance of love. In fact, it was not until privacy was made available that I had the most traumatic event take place and change my life forever. It took the innocence away from my young life and replaced with distrust. So, why do we long for privacy, like it is a long-lost friend? When the reality is some of the worst events happen in private. When I was a young child, I was the only girl living with my family of six in a quaint single-wide trailer. It was so small, I could stand in the kitchen and see my parents room, which was on the other end of the trailer. It did have two bedrooms, but it made more sense for the boys to share a room, with there being three of them, and my parents used the other one. I did not have a bed, so I would sleep on the couch in the living room when it was time to lay my head down for the night. I would often have to roll over and face the back

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