I See You Movie Analysis

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We are all used to movies wherein the main characters are mostly played by the famous love teams and the story usually ends with a “happy ever after”. The leading man is usually tall, has a flawless white-skin, has the appeal and is very handsome. But Sigrid Andrea Bernardo, director of Kita Kita (I See You) changes the tradition by making the movie different from others. The movie proves that ``Mabait is the New Pogi``. The story starts with Lea. Lea (Alessandra de Rossi) is a Pinay tour guide living and working in Sapporo, Japan. She had a fiancé named Nobu. Nobu and Lea are very happy with each other until Nobu changed. He even forgot their anniversary, and Lea was left only reminiscing their happy moments together and not creating another one. Lea then discovered that her Japanese fiancé has been…show more content…
After a few days of being blind, Lea meets a friendly Pinoy neighbor named Tonyo (Empoy Marquez) who wants to be his friends. He comes over to her house every day to cheer her up and starts giving her Filipino cooked foods. She avoided him at first since she is scared to have friends because of her condition, but eventually they became close because Tonyo is a determined guy. Tonyo wanted to travel one time and asked her to be his tour guide as he will be her eyes. They travelled to different places in Japan and formed a beautiful friendship that leads to an unexpected kind of love. Noticing the sadness of Lea maybe because of the heartache and her blindness, Tonyo finished the one thousand paper crane (senbazuru) just to wish that the lost sight of Lea will be back as soon as possible. And surprisingly, Lea`s sight returned, but the saddest part is, Tonyo died because of a car accident right after Lea already can see. Even in a very short time, Lea was able to see Tonyo`s face. She was able to see the face of the person who makes her happy and is always at her side while she was suffering too much sorrow. In the end,
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