Argumentative Essay Of Killing Caesar '

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My friend Brutus, We have known each other for many years, and as your friend, I feel as though I have a duty to Rome to contact you about the issue at hand. We should not kill Caesar. Caesar has made many mistakes by making his law then decided to break it, gave Gaul's places in the senate-house, and even went against the state by marching on Rome. Though Cassius has convinced you to kill Caesar, I plead with you to reconsider. Killing Caesar is not what the people want, but is what the conspirators are tricking you into thinking. The conspirators feel no one person should have to much power while the Roman people want their beloved Caesar to rule over them. We should not kill Caesar even though granted illegal citizenship to those who lived in Gaul and over the years has put many of them in the Senate. Caesar may have done this to get new perspectives in the senate-house instead of having the same narrow-minded people all the time ( Baker, 118 ). He made a law saying that it is illegal to wage war without the other party attacking first. Shortly after this, he broke his law in Gaul while serving his proconsul. Though usually, the Senate supports fights that keep Rome same this was not one of them(Baker, 117). Then Caesar decides marching against his home is a good idea, which then causes his enemies to say he committed treason.…show more content…
Caesar should live. Consider what would happen if he did not. There would be Chaos in the streets. Do not kill Caesar. The republic could fall. Do not kill Caesar. The plebs would be more rambunctious and starved than ever. Do not kill Caesar. You could be hated by the people for executing the one they all love, and the one they offered king. Do no-kill, Caesar. Consider the side you want to be on. Do not kill Caesar. I am not saying that Caesar is the best man ever created, but to kill him would be suicide for yourself and the republic. Think of what would be the best for
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