I Shouldn T Be Alive Documentary Analysis

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Sometimes cravings are very powerful urges that cannot be overcome with willpower alone. You need herculean strenght. The key to success in dieting is staying patient regardless of how you feel. Understand that those cravings will eventually pass and go away because they do not last forever. There are people who have stopped binge eating and do not crave an excessive amount of food anymore because they stayed loyal to a diet. If they can do it, so can you. There are documentaries about people who are forced to live in survival situations and almost starving to death. One common theme is how they stop feeling hungry as time passes. This is very dangerous when it happens, but shows that your body can get used to anything. Although they are forced into a survival situation where they would need to fast, and you are doing this keto diet by choice, you could learn from their success.…show more content…
Our bodies can withstand so many things beyond our understanding, so something as simple as keto dieting should not be hard at all. Stay patient and the cravings will eventually go away. Some of the ways to stay more patient is to slow down a bit and take an objective look at exactly what you are doing. The voices in your head will start calling your name to eat sugar and carbs - the infamous tug-of-war between the devil and angel - and start a mental conversation like "I will eat just a little bit of junk food", "but I will only eat just one", "I need to go back to my old ways", "Forget this diet, it is horrible", "I am tired of it", "Let me go buy some pizza!" Do not give in to those thoughts and feelings. Just relax and think logically about the final goal you are trying to achieve without letting emotion dominate eating

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