I Sit With Heather Character Analysis

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According to the Cambridge Dictionary, the definition of popularity is: The fact that something or someone is liked, admired, or supported by many people. Melinda is not very popular in school, in fact she is disliked by mostly everyone. Melinda is a teenage girl who was raped and is starting her freshman year of high school. Throughout the story however she builds her relationships backup. Mel is dwindled down to almost nothing throughout the story, but she is a strong, independent woman. Being popular is not the greatest thing, it is proven that people that are popular, are more likely to develop an addiction. Kids who are popular, tend to be pretty mean. In page 104 it says “I sit with Heather, as usual, but we are off by ourselves in a corner by the courtyard, not near the Martha's.” In this passage it shows how unpopular Melinda and Heather are. Since they are in the…show more content…
Popularity is increased when you are a show off, or you are a “bad boy.” Andy Evans throughout the story does questionable things, that's why he gets all the girls. He is a bad boy,” and people like that. Melinda is very quiet and does not try anything risky. On pg 186 “There's more. Different pens, different handwriting, conversations between some writers, arrows to longer paragraphs. It’s better than taking out a billboard.” This paragraph is talking all the people who have had bad interactions with Andy Evans, this supports what I said that being bad gets you popularity. It can be good or bad, in this case, bad. Popularity is not necessarily a good thing if you are known for being bad.
Popularity can be very bad for your life, such as after high school. The reason is because it does nothing for you, it does not help you get a job or girlfriend. Popularity can ruin your life because it is shown to possibly lead to addiction in some cases. However popularity can be good if you are not a snot about
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