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Reading and writing has made a huge impact on our lives. Being a writer is to make a mixture of critical thinking and writing skills in order to produce a well written essay. A well produced essay that showcases a feeling of being scholarly means to write creatively but still shows structure and has the ability to write precisely, having no bias, and creates a strong argument. Author of I Stand Here Writing, Nancy Sommer builds the idea of college writing by pointing out that “we need only be inventors, we need only give freely and abundantly to the texts, imagining even as we write that we too will be a source from which other readers can draw sustenance”. Sommers establish the idea that anyone can be an inventor of their own personal writing which can impact others on their own personal writing. By listening to Sommer’s idea, it can help us, first year college student to advance to scholarly writing which is important when we develop our writing over the years.
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Sommer’s talks about the idea of being inventors of our writing and that revising occurs a lot when making a well-written essay. Sommer’s state at the very end that “Good writing disturbs: it creates dissonance. Students need to seek the dissonance of discovery, utilizing in their writing, as the experienced writers do, the very difference between writing and speech-the possibility of revision.” I had thought that scholarly writing was the importance of writing something that could make an impact that others and revision was important yet at the very end of Sommer’s article, she states that good writing should disturbs and students must write in their own eyes and sense and be in dissonance. Thinking about what Sommer’s said made me realize that she made a great point because having a good written essay means having dissonance so the reader can think about the writing’s
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