Field Research Benefits Essay

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Bria S Grissom
SOC1001 M/W 6pm

1. I suppose there are some people who are blessed by being born into a wealthy family, thus leading them to have a foundation that creates success. Then, there are others who weren’t born into wealth and did whatever they could to succeed; whether that was going to school to further their education, or working multiple jobs and saving for a better life. Obviously, this is not every situation, and there are people who are considered poor because they have no money, or can’t afford the finer things in life. They may live on welfare or in the not-so-nice neighborhoods. I assume the average person goes through many struggles in order to become “successful”, or what society believes as being rich. Hard work and consistence
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If I could get paid to live in different countries, I would research different foods from different countries. I love to eat, and I love to explore the distinct foods from distant lands. How is a person considered an adventurous eater in the United States if they consume fried bugs, but in Thailand, grasshoppers are just an afternoon snack? What makes our taste buds like or dislike certain flavors? How can we tell the difference from fast foods to authentic foods? My research method would be field studies. The benefits of field research are that I would not get closed answers. I can get detailed remarks about the specific dish of the night; along with their personal thoughts on various topics, allowing me to get a full understanding. I would like to be a helping hand in the making of dinner. Right in the kitchen; being part of the family, and learning the culture, and history behind certain foods made in the house. My questions would include the differences between a meal made regularly and a special occasion meal. My research directs me to different families, and seeing what is different or similar from the last family. Does their household differ from other households in the same community, like it does here in the United States? Many questions would be answered on my journey. I believe my excitement for food would go far beyond the taste and I would know the true meaning behind the
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