I Too Sing America Summary

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In my opinion Hughes suggest by the image of eating in the kitchen that he is a slave. Eating in the kitchen is associated that way because slaves could never eat with the whites because they didn’t see them as people. Eating at the table is a prime example of racial segregation in the household, method was practiced by anti-federalist seen predominantly in the south. The only other possibility is that this is coming from a perspective of a free african american male in the jim crow south. But either way african americans had to live, work, shop, eat, drink, travel, get an education etc. all separate from their white counterparts. The poems last line varies from its first line because at the end he says “I, too, am America” and initially he says “I, too, sing America” it 's kind of a patriotic and bold moment at the end. To say that he too sings america shows that he isn 't against america, but more like a supporter. It means he fully is dedicated to the harmonious ways you can ratify america.

First off, eating in the kitchen suggest to the reader that this is during a time of segregation. And It’s true because this poem was published in 1945 when in america prejudice and racism was prominent in the southern communities.“I, Too, Sing America” shows the reader a situation of inequality in America, where the protagonist
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Even though they try to make difference of him. By the character saying “I, too sing america” It’s a patriotic way of including himself in the group of americans. Though they seem to lack respect for him he doesn’t step down to their level. He loves his country even though he doesn’t feel apart of or accepted by it. He claims that “when company comes, But I laugh, I eat well, And I grow strong” which is also another way of including himself and a way of showing that he is similar to them. It’s almost as if he’s trying to prove himself and prove his worth to these guests that are
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