I Too Sing America By Langston Hughes Analysis

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There are many different perspectives on what the American dream is, but usually most of them include the thought of being happy and having a perfect life, which isn't always the case. Unfortunately some peoples American dreams have turned to nightmares. The American Dream is a set of ideals that include liberty, equality, and democracy. Langston Hughes and John McCain both agree that we should be able to feel free and take pride in our country, even when our country and the people in it treat us badly. I believe that all people should be treated as equals and should be proud to live in our country, not constantly cowering in fear. Next, I would classify being an American as feeling a sense of worth. "I Sing America" by Langston Hughes expresses that people didn’t take slaves into consideration and didn’t treat them as equals. I believe that all are equal no matter their race, sexuality, or religion. Hughes claims, "I, too sing America./ I am the darker brother." He feels as though Americans do not appreciate him because of his skin…show more content…
After the hardships of getting sent away to a camp, McCain meets a man named mike who, "...had a keen and deep appreciation for the opportunities this country- and our military- provide for people who want to work and want to succeed." I agree that America provides people with many chances to be able to do what makes them happy. After Mike was caught pledging his allegiance to a home made American flag, he was taken away and beaten. Later, McCain found Mike and observed, "Sitting there, with his eyes almost shut from his beating, making another American flag." Even after getting hurt for doing something he strongly believed in, Mike still felt like it was his duty as an American to show his loyalty. Now we always feel safe to express our allegiance to this country, without having to think of the
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