I Truly Like My Native Place Essay

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Activity 3. Read through the following conclusions from the essays introduced in Activities 1 and 2. Do they sum up the contents of the essay? Is the thesis reiterated? Rewrite the conclusions, if necessary. 1. In conclusion, I would like to add that I truly like my native place. I cannot imagine my life without its captivating rivers, green forests, boundless fields, and splendid hills, covered with gorgeous plants. I wish everyone could see this unforgettable view. 2. I know that here my old acquaintances centuries-old oaks always greet me, providing a thick shadow. I watch red squirrels, jumping and hiding between the leaves. They throw down pieces of bark and husks from nuts. I always leave them some food, and when I come again, it is…show more content…
Only with passing years do you begin to understand the significance of childhood memories. They are becoming more and more valuable to you. How precious the childhood recollections are, how much happiness they cause; they seem capable of providing a person with inner strength, filling one’s life with meaning. 4. A family photo album remains the priceless possession. It narrates about us, our life, and our family history. Its photos have incredible power, because they preserve memories. Everyone knows that recollections either warm the soul from within, or tear it apart. 5. Sometimes I think such moments are important in our lives. I remember the unique smell and taste of grandma’s chicken soup, and I believe that it has magical healing properties. And now if I feel sad or blue in my heart, grandma starts cooking her chicken soup, because it heals not only a cold, but my heart as well. Activity 4. Read the descriptive essay in Unit 7.2. (page 43). Point out the object described and the thesis (the idea that makes the object worth describing). Answer the following questions: Did you get involved in the description? Was the author’s experience recreated vividly? By what means? Did the author tell you or show you her object? Explain your
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