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I’ve got your man” performed by Lady Saw, is a song that is essentially about taking or forming a relationship with someone else’s significant other, whether it be boyfriend or husband. The message comes across as crude or inappropriate at first, but as you delve deeper into its context and lyrics, it depicts some pivotal aspects of both past and present cultures.
Lady Saw, or Marion Hall, is a Jamaican native. Making a name for herself by singing reggae and dancehall style music, she eventually went on to capture the eyes of several record producers. Before long, she was a well-known artiste, however some of her songs were banned in certain regions of Jamaica due to her controversial and sometimes lewd lyrical style. Nevertheless her career continued, and she eventually produced the song “I’ve got your man” in 2004.
Jamaica being a predominantly African
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The general view of a woman being proud of taking other person’s men for herself would be frowned upon by the general public, however, if it were a man, talking about all of his women, it would be written off as just another song and not something significant. This raises the question as to whether or not women and men are viewed as they used to be, where the men are in charge and women were just there to support them. The song therefore challenges the ideas of the “traditional” role of the woman as a housewife and male superiority¬.
When analyzed further the process of taking someone else’s man can also relate to one’s class or social standing. If a woman were to take someone else’s man, then in so doing they have attained a higher social class over the other woman, at least from their perspective. Not only does it affect their social class, but it could also affect their economic as well. A woman with several different men, would allow some form of income and this could be used as a means of social mobility out of poverty or a lower-economic

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