I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud Analysis

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“I wandered lonely as a cloud,” is a poem written by William Wordsworth. It’s a reflecting upon visions of nature. Just by looking at the title, people considered it as a sad and lonely poem. William
Wordsworth uses each stanza to share his experience through the image of the poet’s emotional response. Also, if you don’t understand the poem, you wouldn’t understand why the title is named as “I wandered lonely as a cloud,” although clouds are never alone. A cloud is a lightweight, free flowing image. Cloud paired with the action”floats”, let the reader experience the calm and lightheartedness the author feels in the presence of nature. The poem describe about the beauty in nature and the happiness of being alone in nature.
From the first stanza, the choice of words William Wordsworth use to describe the daffodils indicates his true respect for them by the way he talk highly of them. “Lonely” (L1) does not carry a negative connotation but as a peaceful solitude as opposed to loneliness. Wordsworth is not alone. Such as “a host, of golden daffodils,” from line 4. “Host” means a crowd of people, entertain people, and also used to describe angels. That means, the thousands of daffodils, who seems like people are entertaining him. Instead of yellow, Williams also use “golden” to describe the daffodils. It is similar to “host” because the halos of angels are gold. He was able to bring life to images of nature.
Under his eyes, the daffodils is fluttering and dancing in the breeze
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