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Throughout time, women have been expected to adhere to the stereotypical roles set for them. In my essay, I will focus on how women have been continuously marginalized and stereotyped into roles assigned to their gender causing gender inequality and sexism. I will convey this by analyzing the I Want a Wife article by Judy Syfers.
I Want a Wife was written during the feminist movement in 1971 to address the ridiculous expectations that were set for women, especially during that time period. Although Syfers article was humorous and even ironic at times, it was also significantly serious and delivered a powerful message to readers. Ironically, it is believed that some men even took this article seriously and thought that that is a how women should act and be portrayed.
Judy 's poem is absolute satire, but as I said before, it relays a powerful
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In the article, it is evident that Judy Syfers is giving the viewpoint from a man’s desires and wants. She is explicitly stating all the stereotypical roles that a normal wife would play if a man had complete control and choice. This is proved with repetition of the phrase “I want a wife who” throughout the article.
Disappointingly, even after countless attempts by both genders to defy gender inequality in society, gender inequality has been adopted into modern times.
But how do all of these statistics relate to Judy Syfers and her article I Want a Wife? It can be assumed that women are treated as second class citizens because of the fact that they are marginalized and expected to adopt the roles assigned to them.
What 's the importance of Syfers poem and the message that she is trying to deliver? The aim of Syfers article is to speak out while trying to get men to realize their unrealistic expectancies towards women. Furthermore, she is supporting women empowerment and the movement towards gender

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