I Want A Wife

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B. Leon Stephen,
Inspired by “Why I want a wife” a hilarious but reflective essay written by Judy Syfer, a feminist writer, where she depicts her ironical expectations of why a woman particularly she herself, being already a wife, wants a wife, I composed “Why I want a husband”, a simple write-up. It is neither to refute her nor to hurt anybody.
Why I want a husband is simply because I want a husband.
I want a husband who is the most handsome person in the world with 5.10 feet tall and 65 to 70 kilo gram weight. No one can compromise me when failing to fulfil any of these features. Neither more than 5.10 feet nor more than 70 kg will fall into the category of my ‘I am sorry, I don’t want.’ When he is above the given features, he will seem to be a bodyguard to me or when he is less than the described, then it will be vice versa.
I want a husband who is equal to my qualification. Furthermore, he must have completed the course of what I have done so far. Less or more is unacceptable.
I want a husband who is owning a luxurious house, especially in a metropolitan city; so that possession of civic pride will be an integral part of my life. The house must have a grandeur and palatial outlook. I will be happy if there is an inbuilt swimming pool besides my wants like a tennis court, an avenue, a beautiful garden with villa house.
I want a husband who is working in a famous company with a good salary, between 25 lakhs to 50, even more than the
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