I Want To Attend College Essay

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After high school I made a choice to not to attend college. Being young and not having any idea which career path I wanted to go down definitely influenced that decision. Fortunately, for the eight years I have been out of high school I have been able to land great jobs, that have kept me amused but not at my full potential. I believe that there comes a time in some people’s lives where there is a need for substantial growth, and that I have reached that point. Going back to school to get my education is the first step in reaching my greatest potential and bettering my future. Job security is a huge component in my motivation for starting college. In a world with an ever changing economy, employment opportunities can come and go. From my experience people who have specialized training and a college education, are more likely to take precedence in any employment opportunity, over someone who does not have any formal training. With job security comes my second…show more content…
Whether it be playing on a sports team, or a substantial project at work finishing it is important. There has never been a better time in my adult life to start this journey, stay focused and finish in a timely manner. Independence always comes to mind when I think of an influential aspect, for graduating college. Being independent means never having to depend on anyone but myself for I want in my life. By gaining the independence that a college education will give me, I will be able to have greater opportunity in every aspect of my life. Success is also a motivator for me. The word success can mean so many different things, to some people it may be wealth and having material things. To me it is defined as reaching goals, and objectives. The goal of getting my degree finished by the time I am thirty, is a huge motivation for me to stay in school and
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