I Want To Be A Dental Hygienist

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Yuly Vanessa Vargas Gutierrez Starr- Personal Statement

I have gained work experience within the dental profession and understand the working environment, gaining job satisfaction from helping others. I would like to develop my knowledge within a Dental Practice as a Dental Hygienist and Dental Therapist. I am very responsible, caring and trustworthy which is paramount when working with clients, their personal data and records. I like to be organised and I can work well under pressure which I have shown through previous employment.

I grew up surrounded by different languages in Switzerland. I am completely fluent in German, French, Spanish and English.
You probably question yourself: “what is this person doing in studying Dentistry if she has the brain for languages.” well, about 6 years ago I asked myself the same question. My first choice after High school was to study health, after a year I stopped my studies at the “Fachmittelschule” in Switzerland. This decision gave me the opportunity to learn about jobs where you must use your language
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This is when I felt the urge in going back to college and get to a career that matches my interests as well as my skills.

On my journey to discover my dream career, I met with the career adviser a few times. Afterwards, I did some career research and gained some work experience as a Healthcare Assistant and as a Dental Nurse.
Two jobs which involved health and people, similar but practicable in different ways. Those experiences made me realise that I have clearly found the field in which I would like to specialise in.

Currently I am working towards the Access to Science at the Bournemouth & Poole college, finishing in summer 2016 as well as working part time as a qualified Dental Nurse at the Wallisdown Dental Practice in Bournemouth. I have also developed my knowledge academically whilst doing my L2 Maths, L2 English, L3 Dental diploma and now the Access to HE in
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