Personal Statement: A Career As A Math Teacher

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For a long as I can remember when asked, “what do you want to be when you grow up” my immediate response without skipping a beat was, “a teacher.” At the age of five I had my own teacher’s desk, which was a simple wooden desk, and I would play school with the children my mom took care of while I was growing up. Then, I would try to teach the alphabet to my younger cousins who were only two at the time while I myself was barely learning the alphabet and how to write. Even though I always knew I wanted to be a teacher, I did not know I wanted to be a math teacher until I was about 13. In the 8th grade I took my first algebra class, and immediately I fell in love with the subject and math. I had an amazing teacher who made learning so much fun,…show more content…
I want to be like my two math teachers whom I look up to and inspire students to learn and get them excited about the subject. I strongly believe a great teacher can positively impact the lives of their pupils and I would love to make a positive impact in those I may come across in the years to come. While being a teacher I plan on teaching my students to the best of my abilities and go above and beyond for my students to ensure they receive a proper education and excel in their school career to provide them with an abundant amount of opportunities in their post-secondary career. I also plan on returning to school after teaching for a few years to get a master’s in mathematics to be able to teach dual credit and advanced placement so that students can receive college credit and give themselves a head start in their college education. I would love to be able to teach calculus since it is such a complex and interesting math that I greatly enjoy. I know that ADP MaST Academy can provide me with materials to further my knowledge and better prepare me for teaching following my graduation from the university. MaST offers field experience and professional development prior to graduation preparing me for post-graduation and giving me the resources necessary to successfully fulfill my dream of becoming a certified teacher and making a

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