I Want To Be A Registered Nurse

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Over the past couple of years, I have been giving a great deal of thought as to what I want to do and who I want to be in the future. Ever since I was five, I always knew I wanted to be in the medical field. Being in the medical field and helping other people is my passion. Recently, I have considered becoming a Registered Nurse. My skills and interest reflect those of a Registered Nurse and I have what it takes to be an exceptional Nurse. I have strong communication and interpersonal skills. I am and have been for years, fascinated by anatomy and physiology. I have great communication, understanding, and multitasking skills and I love assisting people in any way that I can. I love being in the Student Athletic Training Program at school …show more content…

I will be attending Rogue Community College (RCC) in September full time. To reach this goal, I will need to save at least $100 from each of my two week paychecks for 8 months to help with tuition and books. It is about $95 per credit at RCC and to be a Registered Nurse, you need at least 46 credits which is a little over $4,000. Being able to save $200 from my paycheck for 8 months covers about $1,600 of the tuition cost. I plan on applying for financial aid and using the money my parents already have saved up for me to pay for the rest of my schooling. This goal is essential to me because I don’t want all the money being handed to me to pay for college. I want to be able to work for some of the money to contribute to the cost of my schooling. Knowing that I contributed to my tuition with money I worked for, will help me appreciate schooling more and take it more seriously. I will know that I succeeded when I feel satisfied with the money I do have saved up which is a minimum …show more content…

With a deduction of 30% (due to taxes) I would be making about $54,250 a year which is about $4,520 each month. Within the first year of my career, I plan on renting a home until I settle down and decide to buy a house with my husband, which won’t happen for a couple of years. Housing will be about 30% of my monthly income which will pay for housing and utilities. This will be about $1,300 a month. My fixed expenses, including car insurance, phone bill, internet/cable and paying back student loans, will all be about 17% of my monthly income which is about $750. Following my fixed expenses, are my variable expenses which include gas, food, shopping, and entertainment which will be about 18% of my monthly income which is about $800. All together this equals about $2,900 a month.After all the expenses are paid, I will have about $1,600 left over each month for things such as retirement, vacation, savings, and

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