I Want To Be A Teacher

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When my father was in the fifth grade, he was forced to drop out of school in order to get a job and support his family. My mother had to do the same when she was in the ninth grade. However, this has nothing to do with my motivation to become a teacher. There was also no moment in which a teacher helped me through a difficult point in my life. When someone learns you want to be a teacher, most of the time, they think there was some life-changing moment that led you on this path.
On the other end of the spectrum, there is also the notion of “those who can’t do, teach” which if I am being honest, alarms me. A lot of people assume that teachers failed at their original career choices and had to become teachers as a last resort. However, if they believe this then why are they not panicking that unqualified people are teaching their children, their siblings, and, at one point, them? After all, we should only want the best of the best teaching future generations.
I think that overall children are the most wonderful human beings alive. They are caring, unbiased, uncorrupted, and eager to learn what we have to teach if it is presented in the correct way. I want to be a teacher because I love children and will do everything I possibly can to help them succeed. I want to teach my students not only how to calculate addition problems and find the main idea of a paragraph, but also that an education should be sought and cherished.
Unfortunately, there is not enough focus placed on
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