I Want To Be A Veterinarian

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What have I always dreamed I would be when I grow up?
I’ve alway wanted to be a Veterinarian
What do my parents do in their careers? My mom works as a nurse at Katy Manor and my dad works for the Union Pacific Railroad.
What could relatives influence me in the choice of careers?
No one in my family is a veterinarian so no one will really influence me. To be honest, no one in my family thinks I will ever be good enough to be a veterinarian so I’m trying to prove them wrong.
What do I really enjoy doing in, with my spare time?
I like to hang out with my friends, play video games, riding horses, playing with my animals and create art
What am I good at doing?
I’m good at creating art, shoot my bow, calming animals down (animal whisperer) and riding horses.
What do I not do as well as I would like?
I’m not good at testing, softball, driving a tractor and saving money (That is my two little brother’s faults because if I say No here come the puppy dog eyes).
Who do I admire, respect and why?
I admire and respect my dad’s girlfriend because by what my dad says Lauren and I could somehow be mother and daughter somehow because we act so similar, want the same things, love the same things and alway understand each other.
How have I performed at school?
All the teachers think I’m a good student, but I’m fairly slow at learning new things.
How do I like going to school?
I hate it because school 1 stresses me out and 2 I hate when people push me around and bully me.
How much money do I
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