Personal Narrative: What Do My Parents Do In Their Careers

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What have I always dreamed I would be when I grow up?
I’ve alway wanted to be a Veterinarian
What do my parents do in their careers? My mom works as a nurse at Katy Manor and my dad works for the Union Pacific Railroad.
What could relatives influence me in the choice of careers?
No one in my family is a veterinarian so no one will really influence me. To be honest, no one in my family thinks I will ever be good enough to be a veterinarian so I’m trying to prove them wrong.
What do I really enjoy doing in, with my spare time?
I like to hang out with my friends, play video games, riding horses, playing with my animals and create art
What am I good at doing?
I’m good at creating art, shoot my bow, calming animals down (animal whisperer) and riding
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At times, because I find that working by myself is easier than working together.
Do I want to work outdoors?
Yes and no because I love being outside, but I only like being outside when it is warm.
Do I want to teach others?
Yes, but only if it is hands on learning because I can’t teach from a drawing board or textbook.
Do I plan on working when I’m in school?
Yes, because I will need the money to fund my transportation, textbooks, and housing for school.
What are my goals for the future?
My goals for the future is 1st go to state fair community college in Sedalia, 2nd find a veterinarian job, 3rd buy a house in Blackwater, 4th when I have enough money to afford some children I will have 4 hopefully 2 girls and 2 boys.
Do I demonstrate leadership skills
In my opinion, no because I alway want someone to be the leader instead of me, I don’t do well under pressure.
Am I cooperative
In my opinion, yes I am cooperative, but if you ask my parents they may say no.
Am I dependent
In my opinion, yes but that question will need to be asked to the people around me.
Do I want to be a lifetime learner?
Yes, because you learn something new every day and sometimes you need to take that risk of learning something
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