I Want To Be A Web Leader Essay

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I Want To Be a Web Leader because I love kids, and want to make the 5th graders confidence and less nervous for middle school. Some of my friends sisters and brothers, are going into 5th grade and are nervous. I love serving the community, and I babysit a lot! I know when i was in 5th grade the web leaders were very helpful, and they were my friends. I know when they would walk down the hall they would always stop and help me, and i want to help the new 5th graders too. I want to give back, what the other 8th graders did for me three years ago.They helped me so much finding classes, or just giving me a high-five or simple to make me feel better. I was so appreciative, and I want all the 5th graders to feel this way. It would be fun to interact with the kids, and get…show more content…
Middle School can be tough, but I want to be a Web Leader so I can always be there for all the kids and If they are going through something tough or need help, I will stop and work with them, rather than talking to my friends, because in the end I can talk to my friends later, but a 5th grader who needs help is more important than talking about whatever. I want to be a Web leader, and I always have. Web leaders are kind, strong and helpful and that is exactly the person I want to be when I am older. In the end it doesn 't matter about fame, money, or how you look, it is about how people see you as a person. Are you kind, helpful, encouraging? Being a Web leader can help me become more aware of these things, and make me a better person, while helping others. I will still know these kids, and when they even come to high school, and when i am a senior, I can help them as a freshman too. This program can impact my life, and everyone is nervous on the first day of school, and the teachers can only do so much. Taking them on a tour answering questions, can all make them feel less nervous. Hearing it from a student that has gone to Transit will be easier than a teacher, because we were once in their
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