I Want To Be Colored Me

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I found true happiness by accepting the raw honesty and truth that had become my life, and because of this I found that I loved to learn, I loved to help others in similar/more difficult situations than mine, and that I could do whatever I put my mind to. Everything in my adolecense had been "what ifs" but I knew that I could control my life at school and how I spent my free time. I tried my hardest to take as many Advanced Placement classes at my school because I wanted to take advantage of the fact that I was being given a free education- something that many children in thiis world are not offered. Although, at times I struggled, I absolutely loved my decision because it changed me. AP classes were a different type of dedication not only from students towrds the work, but also from the teachers to the students. I truly felt like my teachers cared and valued my opinion when I interacted with the class and this became just one of the factors that made me follow the decision to become more…show more content…
I do understand that it 's difficult to find the dedication to push through college and create a safety net for yourself but I also love the career that I have chosen. Every single one of my qualities have pointed me towards this path. My good memory, my belief in social justice. my love for politics, and even my disappointment with the US Immigration system has led me to the decision that the only way I can fight what I don 't agree with is to educate and better myself. I want to be the reason that my mom believes fully in the American dream again. I know I can be that reason- and alough I know that she will always be proud of me, I also know that I have potential that I will never willingly waste, potential that the Benjamin F. Ward Fund could help me grow. I have too much to fight for and I can 't give up knowing that there are millions of people still in the situation that changed my life
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