I Want To Become A Nurse Admission Essay

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Having experienced many difficulties with my pregnancies, childbirth and now as mother of two and enjoying motherhood from a patient’s perspective, I am aware of the valuable contribution that professionals in the health care industry make in alleviating not just the medical and physical problems that may occur, but also in offering guidance and comfort on a psychological level. I possess a caring and compassionate manner. I have a strong and commitment. I am good at listening. I have a love for mankind, as well as an intellectual aptitude for the related subject areas.
I am sure that I can make a valuable contribution in a much broader way, such as the rewarding process of bringing a smile to the face of anyone, when I become an nurse. With much focus and determination, my goal is to specialise as a lactation nurse. I have much experience of working within the travel and hospitality industry for the last twenty years; I have worked and studied in the Transport and travel industry (Airline and Travel), however, recently I have been sincerely considering a change of career path. After thinking about my skills and what I would like to do, it is my opinion that I would be better suited in a profession, which I think is more rewarding and beneficial to society.
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This has improved my communication skills as I have learnt to adapt my approach and listen to the needs of different residents helping them to make informed decisions. I have also supported the families of residents by listening to and acting on their concerns. Working in a team has taught me how to discuss and solve care needs and issues with colleagues from different backgrounds and experiences. I have learnt to be calm in emergency situations and above all I have learnt to prioritise my time and be flexible at

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