I Want To Become A Teacher Essay

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What for: I think I want to go into teaching in order to accomplish the following objectives: ___ (and why); I have wanted to be a teacher ever since middle school. Before wanting to be a teacher, I wanted to own a car dealership and a restaurant, and before that I wanted to be a photographer. I wanted to own a car dealership for a couple years, but i realized i knew nothing about cars and that it would be a rough road and cost lots of money. My love and knowledge for cars diminished and my new dreams of owning a restaurant for mac and cheese emerged. Opening a macaroni and cheese restaurant sounded awesome until I realized I didn’t like to cook and there would be a lot of things I didn’t to deal with, like doing the restaurant’s taxes. I…show more content…
I want to change children’s minds about reading and be a support system for students. I’m excited to never stop learning and to always find new things to become a better teacher. I think being a teacher will be a great fit for me and I would love to accomplish things that are greater than me. but there are the following obstacles which make me doubt my capacity or opportunity to become a teacher: ____ (and why).” I think being a teacher would be great in so many aspects, but there are a few things that make me doubt if being a teacher is really best for me. Some things that make me doubt being a teacher are my family, my future, and my other life goals. I have heard so many times in my life that most teachers have to work really hard to fufill the state’s qualifications. This scares me away from teaching a little bit, because I want to be a teacher to inspire and help students rather than ruin the love for learning like the state’s requirements sometimes tends to do. I don’t like that classrooms have to move on, even if not every kid understands, because they have a timeline and need to accomplish certain things before a certain date because of the state’s
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