I Want To Become Better In The Future

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Determination has enable me to become better in life every day. The obstacles that I have faced have made me realize that I want to seek a change and betterment in the future. I have made myself aware that education is extremely valuable because it leads us to obtain knowledge of the world that surrounds us and helps us learn about life. I am committed to achieve my goals by persistently working hard academically and being community active at Knapp Medical Center and in extracurricular activities. I know that my persistence to achieve my goals even through the obstacles that I have faced, my ambition to becoming someone in the future, and my devotion to make my dreams happen will help me accomplish them.
Education has become an important factor towards success in my household. My parents did not have the opportunity to cherish a post-secondary education due to the lack of financial assistance. Since then, and till this day, they have both worked tremendously to cherish every single thing they have both given my brother and I . Seeing the economic struggles that emerge when my father was no longer the breadwinner of the household,made me determine to become the 1st generation to make a change in the family. I would constantly see the struggles my mother would experience seeking for a job that will pay her well without any post-secondary education or experience. It was surely difficult not having my father and his financial assistance in the household because there were times

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