I Want To Foster A Literacy-Rich Classroom

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Throughout the school year, each time that my students walk through my classroom door I want the atmosphere to attract them to always want to read and write. As the school year progress, teacher made anchor charts are displayed strategically around my classroom as well as genre posters, new vocabulary words, class library books and additional skills that are introduced throughout the year. If money were no object, and I could do anything I wanted I would foster a literacy rich classroom that my students would consider a sanctuary for learning. After having read “The Elements of a Literacy-Rich Classroom Environment”, I agree with K. Tyson position that “we should begin by focusing attention on the classroom environment and make certain that it is a place that supports and encourages literacy learning.” Therefore my classroom would include a tree house, work stations that rotate, hanging swings, couches, floor to ceiling windows and mirrors that open up leading outside, portable printers and electronic devices to support learning for each student, embedded and mobile bookshelves, digital word walls, televisions built into the walls and chairs that are specifically designed for each student. While reading “Edutopia: Flexible Classrooms: Providing the Learning Environment that Kids Need,” I agree that “Flexible classrooms give students a choice in what kind of…show more content…
I would prompt language from my students and ask them to write the answer. Meaning my students would not only tell me an answer they would write it as well. In addition, games and activities done independently or with peers; continuously modeling throughout the day, and writing what students say during discussions with the class would be the types of behaviors displayed to promote literacy. Read alouds would be held on the magic carpet placed in the center of the

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