I Want To Go Back To College

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Depict me; a full-time CSR, Mother, and wife. I have always wanted to go back to college, even after I dropped out, in 2010. I have always aspired to be a Network and Technology Manager. My dreams has been put on the back burner because of my priorities. Now, my priorities have changed, so now I can finish what I have started.
To better myself will help my future for not just me, but my family as well. I want to have a degree in something that I love doing. I do not want to have just a job. I want to have a career. I love bettering myself, too. If I can better myself so will my kids. Also, I want to learn more about the career that I love doing. Bettering myself will make mine and my family lives better.
Financial stability is the second most important reason why I decided to go back to college. I would love to be out of debt, before I die and not leave my debts to my family to have to take care of. I want and would love to have a 9-5 job. To have financial freedom will mean I will
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I might be young, to some people, but I still have not started my career, and I am almost thirty years old. I should have already been had a career that I love, instead of dead-end jobs that get you nowhere. My circumstances have made it, kind of, hard to restart college, again. But, I have chosen that this is the time to finish. There is no better time than now, to finish whatever you have started.
In summary, I want to finish my degree plan to better myself, financial freedom, and to be a better example for my kids and husband. My kids are my main priority, but I think it is time to make room for myself and finish something I started 5 years ago. This has been a very long road to get to where I am now. I will not stop or quit this time. The third time is a charm, as they
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