I Want To Go Back To School

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Why would anyone want to go to school for twenty to twenty-two years of his or her life just to graduate and have to go all over again? This is the question that many young people have asked themselves while going to college to become teachers whether it be for early childhood education, elementary education, high school education, or even college education. Many college students, or even high school students who go to college to determine what they want to do with their lives only look at one aspect of the career choice that they are looking at, and that aspect just so happens to be money. Even though teachers do not make the most amount of money, as say a doctor or an engineer, but they still make enough to make a good living off what they make.…show more content…
According to The Education Writers Association, “More and more schools throughout the world need teachers,” most students do not want to be a teacher because they just finished schooling themselves. So why would students go back to school for all those years just to go back to school to teach children who remind them of themselves. Schools around the world are hurting for more people to become teachers nowadays. Anyone wanting to become a teacher has to go through fingerprinting, which means anyone wanting to become a teacher cannot have anything on their personal records or even if they happen to have a traffic
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