I Want To Go To College Essay

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After the completion of high school, many people are faced with the choice of attending college, or going into the workforce. A majority of high school graduates feel that they have not done enough academically to go to college, which forces them to believe college is not for them. In his article, “Want to Get Into College? Learn to Fail”, Vice President and Dean of Admission at Pitzer college, Angel Perez, states that “kids all over the world admit they are under tremendous pressure to be perfect”(3). Perez argues that too many students fear failure, when in reality they could grow from failure and become a better candidate for college. Perez’ writing really made me realize how irrational I was for not wanting to go to college because of some failed tests. Just because I failed the AP exams I took, doesn 't necessarily mean I can not get into college. Without this article, I probably would not have chose to go to college to pursue my goals of becoming a teacher.
I have chosen the education pathway to suit me best for many reasons. First of all, I am a very driven person who like to take charge and get things done. This is an advantage due to the fact that I would not allow students to use me or take advantage of me. Secondly, I am currently enrolled in an ROP course specifically designed for the
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A great amount of people today would say that there are very many career options available, that would not need a college degree. In the article, “Not Going to College is A Viable Option”, Lawrence B. Schlack states “...not more than 20 percent of careers in the work world of tomorrow will require a four-year degree.”(15). I understand what Schlack is asserting, but I feel that with a college degree you have more of a variety of jobs open to you. Plus, with a college degree I could become a teacher which, to me, makes it worth the hassle of college and earning a degree. I feel as long as you are happy with the choice of a career you make, nothing else really
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