I Want To Participate In AALI Essay

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Why would you like to participate in AALI? What do you hope to gain from it? As an Asian American, I was raised as a rule-abiding follower since I was very young. Whether it was following instructions or heeding my parent’s commands, I developed the idea that as long as I fit in amongst the crowd, I would be fine. However, as I grew older, I realized this was not the case, as when I always followed others, my own ideas were unable to be voiced. In highschool, I was determined to change this and actively sought leadership positions which gave me a new edge and perspective on many things like taking initiative and personal confidence. Through AALI, I seek to further develop these attributes and also to learn new aspects of leadership branching from the experience I gained in high school. Through the 6 weeks, I hope to develop a close community with my peers also interested in leadership and Asian American issues and graduate with a new sense of my Asian American identity.…show more content…
Yes. What else would you like us to know about you? I am a freshman looking to develop myself in my leadership capabilities and hope to find a nice community in which I can grow and connect with throughout the weeks! If you were a food dish, what would you be and why? I would be a bowl of rice because while it is commonly overlooked, there are few substitutes for it. Rice is a common necessity when eating salty dishes and is a staple food amongst people of Asian descent. Particularly for me, I cannot eat any Chinese dishes without rice, and now that I’m in college without access to a rice cooker, I realize how much I miss it. How did you hear about AALI? At first, I received an email a few weeks back regarding AALI but was still unsure about the program. But after speaking with 2 girls who were tabling for AALI inside Jester West, they kindly answered any questions I had regarding the institute and solidified my decision to
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