I Want To Pursue My Basketball Career

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I have been playing sports just about as long as I have been able to walk, and over the years of playing these sports i have become pretty passionate and competitive with everything i just want to be the best at it we could see who can hold their breaths the longest and i would be upset if i lost. Around my 10th grade year i decided that i wanted to play basketball and just basketball so i decided to quit all my other sports i was involved after the seasons were over. Ever since i made this decision basketball has been my plan A i have planned on attending a college and playing basketball at that said college, then once my four years is i hope on getting an opportunity to continue my basketball career somewhere else god willing. All my life i understood that a plan B would be needed but never really thought too hard about it. Around 9th grade i wanted to be nurse but never really stuck with it. At one point in time i also really wanted to be a firemen but decided that life wasn 't for me either. Then i for sure thought that i was going to become a physical therapist just because i saw how well they got paid in some areas but yet again i decided it wasn 't for me. What really helped me figure out what path to take is when i stopped thinking about numbers started thinking more about i wouldn 't mind doing for the rest of my life if i had too.…show more content…
Basketball has taught me to work hard and to strive to be the best in everything that I do. Hopefully after I graduate god puts me in a place where i can continue playing basketball professionally whether that be overseas or becoming a semi pro here in the states. Even if that doesn 't pan out i know i will be a successful strength coach because i will put forth the effort in the class learning everything about the body that i need to know and also outside of the class learning everything i need to know about becoming a strength coach. My goal is one day to become a strength coach at a major university like
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