Character Analysis: I Was Here

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What would you do if your best friend commited suicide? What would you do? I Was Here is about a girl named Cody. Her best friend who they call Meg just commited suicide. Cody was very disturbed by this because she didn’t know why her friend would do this to herself. Through all of Cody and Meg’s emails she never mentioned trying to kill herself, it was always happy or what Cody though normal conversations. Cody wants to find out why she really did this. She starts to panic and goes through all of Meg's old emails on her computer. Cody notices on the computer how there is a website that tells people how they should kill themselves, and she believes that is what influenced Meg. Cody is able to find another one of Meg’s friend and his name is Ben. Ben helps Cody find a man who would’ve done this and later confronts him. The man admitted to what he did, but he didn't get in trouble for anything because he didn’t break any laws. Cody is Meg’s best friend and is the protagonist of…show more content…
They’re discussing it, but Sue says she doesn’t have the stomach for the fight. It won’t bring Meg back, and right now, she says, we need not vengeance but forgiveness” (Forman 269). I think the theme of this book is that blaming someone will not always cure pain. I think this symbolizes the Slender Man Trials in 2017. The Slender Man Trials was when a girl and her friend stabbed their classmate Payton to please horror character film Slender Man. This story relates to Slender Man Trial because the two girls got arrested but will not cause Peyton to forget the trauma she went through. Arresting someone doesn’t always change what happened sometimes it makes the case worse. Your pain can’t always be healed by punishing people who commited the crime and I think that’s how Forman tries to get his message across. Even though you might feel like this is the case it isn’t
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