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In Chuck Klosterman’s book “I Wear the Black Hat”, the chapter “Electric Funeral” he focuses on a special type of villain, the technocrat. A technocrat is technically skilled in computer websites. Klosterman tells us about three “villains” who are technocrats that have made such websites and social media applications. Creating websites or social media applications such as where you can get music illegally, find out information about your favorite celebrity that no one else knows and getting leaked information about what’s happening around the world that’s property of the US government, these websites can cause harm whether emotionally or physically. Klosterman believes we really are powerless to control our future because of the ongoing technocracy that’s coming out within the years. I believe Klosterman has a point about technocracy growing but we are not powerless to control our future. From my observations, yes technology is growing and is doing the most on taking control of us by the amount of social media…show more content…
Some people as myself don’t let the internet control our future, we know the right from wrong and know when to put an end to the nonsense of what a technocrat tries to give us. We can put an end by doing our research and decide if what we are reading or using is the real deal. There are many ways on how we can take control of our future, such as putting any technology away will give us the upper hand on coming close to any technocrat trying to take over our future. Although most of us will not just put our technology away, we should be mindful on what we see or read on the internet. Just by reading “I Wear the Black Hat” by Chuck Klosterman, it can help everyone understand what a technocrat is and how they are villains. The book also gives us examples on villains that we should look out for. We just have to keep in mind that we run our future the internet

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