I Will Always Write Back Summary

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I Will Always Write Back is a story about two people living across the world from each other who begin a pen pal relationship. Martin: a poor boy from Africa and Caitlin: a privileged girl from America. Their correspondence starts when they are both twelve years old. Caitlin begins to write to Martin not knowing anything about him. Through the middle and high school years, Caitlin and Martin continue to write. Caitlin begins to realize that Martin is a lot different than she thinks. He does not have the basic privileges that Caitlin takes for granted in America. Caitlin helps by sending stuff like candy and shoes, which are luxuries for Martin and his family. She also sends money and crucial stuff like water purifiers. At the end of the book, Martin and Caitlin…show more content…
In Martin’s life he has many conflicts but they are mostly centered on his and his family’s poverty. He cannot go to school because he does not have enough money to pay for it, he cannot pay for stamps and letters to send to Caitlin, and he sometimes does not get enough food to eat. Caitlin’s main problems center on trying to help Martin by sending money and other crucial stuff to help Martin out. She also has other problems in her life but they are more inconsequential like getting grounded, breaking up with a boyfriend, and not doing the stuff she wants to do. The story ends with Caitlin and Martin meeting which, in my opinion, the pinnacle of story. In the end they become lifelong friends. The first theme in this book is kindness. Caitlin showed Martin a lot of kindness by being generous and giving a lot of her money and time toward caring for Martin even though he was halfway across the world. The other theme in this book is to determination. Just like the title: I Will Always Write Back. Martin and Caitlin never stop writing to each other even as they grow up Martin always finds the money to buy stamps to send to
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