My Mom's Face That Day: A Short Story

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I will never forget the look on my mom’s face that day. She was upset about something, but I never thought it was something that would change my whole life. It was a regular day I woke up, and ate breakfast everything was going great until my mom said she needed to talk to me. I knew something was wrong, because she told me to sit back down. Usually we would talk while she did my hair.
My mom told me I had to move with my dad. This was very hard for me, because I had always been with my mom and I didn’t even like going with my dad on the weekends, so I couldn’t imagine being with him forever. My dad and her had been discussing it for about
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I didn’t want to go to a new school, and have to make new friends, I loved my friends. What if nobody liked me at my new school, or what if my teacher was really mean. All throughout the day all I could think about was leaving my home, leaving everyone i knew. My whole life was changing and there was nothing I could do to stop it, I had no control of what I got to do. I thought maybe my mom was just joking, that she was playing a trick on me, but boy was that a harsh joke. Finally the last bell rang for school to end, I walk outside and saw my mom parked, I didn’t want to believe that when I said bye to everyone it wouldn’t be like everyday, it would be a true…show more content…
We started driving home and when we got there I walked in, and the first thing I saw was all my stuff packed up by the door. I will never forget that feeling I had when I knew that this was actually happening. For a second I just stood there and looked at all of my stuff. After a few seconds I went and started taking everything out, I thought that maybe if i unpacked I would have another day with my mom, but I was wrong. My mom saw me and stopped me, she said “baby girl i know you don’t want to go but you have to mommy will do everything I can to get you back”. We picked up what I had got out, and sat down watched a movie. Before I knew it, it was time to leave and go meet my dad. When we got in the car we started listening to music, and that helped a little bit, but what felt like was a blink of an eye we were there. We pulled into Sterling City, and we went to Dairy Queen that is where my parents always met when it was my dad’s weekend. My dad called and said his friend was going to pick me up, because he got off of work late. So we sat there and waited for his friend, when she finally got there I did not want to go with her. My Mom told me that it would be okay, and she would come visit on Friday. I left with my dad’s friend and I waited at her house till my dad got
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