I Will Not Bow Poem Analysis

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An analysis of the poetic devices in “I Will Not Bow” by Breaking Benjamin written by Benjamin Burnley and Jasen Rauch, and “Not Gonna Die” by Skillet written by John Cooper demonstrates that John Cooper creates a better argument about how not to give up when everything in one person’s world comes crashing down and pushes one to the ground. Music and lyrics of the song “I Will Not Bow” has a less positive tone, and because of this it touches the heart of the person harder than the other song. But despite that, song “Not Gonna Die” is more motivating, it better encourages to continue to fight for what a person believe in. Metaphor and connotation from these two songs will be compared to prove this point. When frontmen of Breaking Benjamin Ben Burnley had an interview and been asked which Breaking Benjamin’s song new listener needs to hear first, he answered: “I would probably play you “I Will Not Bow” - because it’s one of the few very, very positive Breaking Benjamin songs - there’s a lot of negative songs but that one has a lot of energy and it has a good message.” Even though it is considered one of the most positive of their songs, it is evident that it’s message is not so optimistic. For instance the use of metaphor here: “And I 'll survive; paranoid/ I have lost the will to change”. This song is not about a person who almost died and now lost the will to change something. However these words mean that in this spoiled world people have lost their faith and desire to

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