I Wish They D Do It Right Analysis

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In Jane Doe’s essay, “I Wish They’d Do It Right”, Doe opposes the idea of cohabitation instead of marriage and explains it thoroughly using her son as an example. Her son had been living with his girlfriend for seven years when they excitedly announce they are having a child. Despite Doe being thrilled to become a grandmother, discontent seethed within her due to her son’s lack of interest in marriage. Doe mainly claims to oppose the idea of cohabitation instead of marriage for the sake and wellbeing of her grandchild; furthermore, she asserts that it is economically, socially and morally impractical. I agree with Doe’s claim because, although some couples view cohabitation as the best decision for them, it does not always turn out like they…show more content…
When a couple decides to cohabitate it is sometimes because they decide it is the best way to test if a relationship is going to work or not. Other times, couples agree on cohabitation over marriage because they believe they do not need a government document to officiate the love they have for each other and they believe they will still get the “happy ever after” they want. In some case, that is not always what happens due to various circumstances. Unfortunately, statistics show that forty percent of couples who cohabit, end their relationship before marriage; couples who live together before marriage are almost twice as likely to divorce as compared to those couples who don’t live together before marriage (Davis). Most of the time couples discover new things about their significant other that may bother them and can result in doubt on whether that person is their one true pairing. According to studies, “if a couple lives together prior to marriage, the tendency is that they will not appreciate the feeling of being married anymore once they do” (Clark). Sometimes a couple is very compatible with each other, but due to the fact that they decided to simply live together rather than get married, they put their relationship in jeopardy and destroy a relationship that could have lasted a lifetime if marriage had been a first
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