I Would Be Happy When I Be Rich Analysis

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I’ll be happy when i 'm rich. I’ll be happy when i fall in love. I 'll be happy when i get a new job. I 'll be happy when I graduate. I 'll be happy when I..
This simple sentence starter “ I’ll be happy when…” has a huge impact on our lives. Too often we get caught up on waiting on things to happen in order to happy instead of being content with how our lives are now because the reality is that this is a never ending cycle of dissatisfaction, a trap, and unless we become conscious of how we are putting off our happiness to wait for things outside of our own self we will never be happy.
Often times people base their happiness a few main places, their career/finances, their relationships, objects, and their physical appearance. Now there’s no arguing that in our society people base other’s happiness on the career they have and the amount of money they make, we idolize people like the Kardashians and automatically assume since they are rich the must be happy. But when you think about it how many times have celebrities
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Similar to basing happiness off of richness, people often base their happiness of of the things they own, whether that be the that new BMW, their $200 dollar pair of jeans or even that new rose gold iphone seven plus with 256gb of storage we have to remember that these are all things and as much as they are great to have and bring us much entertainment and joy they should not make or break our happiness. We have to remember that these are once again things, inanimate objects and that we give so much power to control our emotions. Lastly many people base their happiness on their physical appearance. Basing how they feel about themselves of the size of their waist, their height, their weight, the color of their eyes, the length of their hair, when reality it’s all superficial. People will go as far starving themselves and getting plastic surgery to feel “beautiful” trying to fit into a mold they never will fit into because they weren 't

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