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A demonstration test I did not expect to be biased on was the IAT Social Attitudes when comparing individuals weight, specifically “fat” versus “thin” people. At the end of seven tasks, my results showed that I have no preference between the two individuals. In this study, I had to label individuals to be fat or thin depending on the picture shown on the screen. As the level of the study escalated, I have to match fat individuals and negative attributes by pressing the letter “e” and match thin individuals and positive attributes by pressing the letter “I”, or vice versa. Even though the I agree with the results, since I do not discriminate individuals by their external appearance, I found the test to be very inconsistent and unreliable. This test can be inconsistent because sometimes I would answer questions correctly regardless of how they are associated but unconsciously. Because this measured my speed, I would answer the not always with the picture shown, but with the word associated with. For example, if thin individuals and…show more content…
Because of this, I had a difficult time completing Part 5 and 6 correctly because my brain was still associating the task needed for the previous part, especially since this study as measured your speed in responses; thus, not giving me enough time to transition between the different task correctly. For example, if Part 3 and 4 ask to press the letter “e” every time a thin individual or a negative word appeared, Part 5 and 6 asked to press the letter “e” every time a fat individual or a negative word appeared. What I also found troubling in this task, was that what makes an individual “fat” or “thin” was not described, but only shown in pictures. Therefore, even though in some pictures I believed that individual would not fit the category of fat, I would still have to click the letter in order to get the answer

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