ICT In 21st Century Education

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A summary of the procedure adopted for the study, conclusions and suggestions derived from the study are presented in this chapter. 5.1 RESTATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM For ages, education has been only teacher-centered, that is, the teachers dominated the classrooms and the classroom activities. But now, education has an entirely new meaning with the integration of ICT in it. ICT has widened the scope of education through its easy access to information and the possibility to reach other students and teachers across the world. Even the classrooms today are ICT enabled or digital classrooms. So, ICT is considered as the most important element of the education system. The Government, educational authorities and educational institutions are taking various measures to integrate Information and Communication Technology into education and training programmes and are trying to make the best possible utilisation of it to meet the educational requirements of this 21st century generation. But, all the efforts will be worthless if the teachers do not have the favorable attitude towards technology. The B.Ed. student…show more content…
This study of student teachers’ attitude towards ICT is of great significance as the attitude seems to
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