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In the late of 20th century and with the beginning of 21st century, ICT has played roles from simple to vital roles especially in developed countries school. Learning and teaching process become more effective by using ICT.
This essay shall elaborate more on identifying how ICT supports in the teaching that takes place in a classroom environment. Firstly ICT helps teachers to keep update with the lesson preparation (before, during and after taking the class) also with student’s academic and personal record. Secondly ICT helps to solve the problem of lack of resources like text book and ICT creates a creative environment for students to learn. Thirdly ICT helps teachers in classroom management. Lastly but not least ICT supports teachers and
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ICT helps a teacher to prepare a lesson plan in an easy and simple format and also within the time limit. In past teachers used to prepare lesson plan using pen paper method which almost took half an hour to prepare it. With the help of ICT (Microsoft excel software) teachers can easily draw up the format and quickly fill in the lesson plans. Preparing of lesson notes using the ICT service is quite reliable for the teachers as the teachers can do online research or share notes and ideas with other teachers and prepare a effective lesson notes. While preparing the lesson notes teachers can easily detect errors like grammar, punctuation, spellings with the help of ICT and re- drafting the lesson notes becomes easier and the work is neat and tidy too. Also the teacher is able to gather extra and latest information regarding a particular topic. And even the teachers can make a backup the lesson note in both ways softcopy and…show more content…
Almost all of the schools in Fiji whether primary or secondary as the problem of scare resources, firstly the problem of text book as hardcopy is provided in limited copies to the schools from the ministries. Therefore the teacher is to make arrangement for the rest of students and due to this sometimes teachers have to photocopy notes on their own expense or some extend the text is stolen or torn and no one to take responsibility and the teachers end up paying for the text book. To address these problem using ICT activities teachers can scan the text books and give the students to study the softcopy text. Or the teachers could use the creative techniques like power point presentation, Microsoft word document so that all the students are able to see and clearly understand what the teacher is trying to teach. Using the creative styles while teaching students “assisted students to be more creative in their learning process and it is a beneficial support” as students are motivated and take interest as the lesson delivered are not boring through the ICT facilities. Students sometimes dose of to sleep in the afternoon class especially in class where there is bulky of notes and teachers are giving explanation on it. In this situation students are usually de – motivated and easily lose concentration. To address these problem the teachers can
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