The Importance Of Using ICT In The Classroom

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The process of using ICT in everyday education is very complex. The probabilities provided by ICT to support teaching and learning are devoid with the problems. The practically limitless opportunities of access to information in an educational context can pose a real danger of information overloaded if the teachers do not have the skills in filtering information for relevance, or are unable to establish a coherent organizing principle. Beside, both students and teachers may also lack the necessary skills to access, process and use information. Teachers who may be committed to integrating computer technology in the classroom may find the process challenging due to the barriers that exist. In our pursuit to make integration of technology into classroom to turn out to be effective the focus should not only given to the barriers but also on the impact.…show more content…
In this study, the researchers mentioned that ICT has a profound impact in classrooms as organisational a change is needed in order to change how the students interact in the class as to form a collaborative and interactive learning process. This is also agreed as mentioned in one of the research that the collaborative use of technology is usually more effective than individual use (Higgins, Xiao, Katsipataki, 2012). Moreover, the study also identified that whether or not the technology is used can make the difference, but it is actually on how well the technology is used to support teaching and learning process. Indeed, technology is best used as a supplement to normal teaching rather than as a replacement for

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